Do You Remember These 70s Commercials?

Ah, the 70s. The hair, the music, the outrageous colors, and styles. Truly, it was a decade like none other. That includes TV commercials. A surprising number of these commercials are geared towards women – but of course, they were for things like cleaners and making cooking easier.

Times sure have changed! Check out these throwback commercials for a wave of nostalgia! Do you remember any of these?

Spic And Span

This commercial starts out with a disgruntled employee cleaning up the gross floor in a fast food restaurant. The floor is so gross, we wonder if it’s a health code violation, but that’s beside the point. The employee gets a call from a customer who suggests using Spic And Span on the floor instead of whatever he’s using now. You know, just a typical call with unsolicited advice.


This commercial gets more and more frustrating the longer it goes on. The wife is standing at the door of her kitchen when she stops to eavesdrop on a conversation between her husband and mother-in-law. The mother-in-law keeps asking her son if his wife can really handle working a full-time job while cleaning the house and taking care of him. (Because of course, he’s helpless and can’t possibly clean or cook). Anyway. The mother is finally satisfied when she sees that her son’s shirt is very white and clean, apparently indicating that the wife can work full-time and also wait on her son hand and foot. The tagline for the new laundry product is, “Salvo, real help for the working woman.”


What better way to sell a mattress in the 70s than to have a woman dancing in a bell-bottomed pink jumpsuit? Simply brilliant.

Shake N’ Bake

Shake n’ Bake first came onto the scene in 1965, which made the early 70s a prime time to start spreading the word! Their tagline was simple: Shake n’ Bake; It’s better than frying.

Aero Wax

Ah, yes, that’s just what your home and the environment needs – 50% more plastic! Nowaday, that would be a huge deterrent for a lot of people, but in the 70s, it was a selling point! The commercial ends with the line, “We heard you ladies.” Because of course, the guys would never clean the floors.

Watch the video below for even more 70s goodness.

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