7 Everyday Items That Kids These Days Will Have Only Seen in Movies

It seems that everywhere you look there are antiques and vintage objects that have completely fallen from daily usage. These treasures are the things we grew up with, but most kids these days will have only seen them in old movies – if at all.

Punch Bowls

We remember punch bowls at nearly every family gathering or church function. When was the last time you saw one of these trotted out for a special occasion? And punch bowl sets certainly aren’t the pride of a cook’s kitchen anymore either.

ladies at a punch bowl

Via/ Flickr

Old-Fashioned Telephones

This one seems so basic, but most kids will have never seen an old-fashioned wired landline telephone in use these days. To them the phones we grew up with are most often just an old time movie prop and have no relation to their daily lives at all.

man talking on old-fashioned telelphone

Via/ Flickr

Bonnet Hair Dryers

This short-lived fad was all the rage at one point. It was the hair care device to have!

bonnet hairdryer

Via/ Flickr

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