5 Moments Caught on Film That You Would NEVER See Nowadays!

The 20th century has held so many amazing events of wonder. Experimentation with publicity stunts, high wires, and film shorts meant a huge increase in the public spectacles that so often kept us entertained. Many of these stunt would not be allowed these days, while others have been recreated for national TV. From crazy stunts to dressing up dogs, these odd films will have you laughing and gasping. Take a look at some of our favorite oddities and wacky performances caught on film.

5) Dog Wedding

These docile Pekingese puppies get elegant haute couture dog clothes and a ceremony complete with bridesmaids. The bride has flowers and the groom has a top hat. They don’t even seem to mind! Watch the video below.

4) Tight Rope Walker Over New York

We don’t even know her name, but this talented tight rope performer walks on a high wire with no harness (and we bet there was no net!). Her frilly skirt and parasol only add to the spectacle. This 1931 film gem is a thrill to watch!

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