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Have a Look at 400 Years of Men’s Hats in Less Than 3 Minutes

Who doesn’t love a good hat? For menswear in particular, hats have often been the defining accessory. The craftsmanship, quality, and style said a lot about who you were to the world. Because it was one of the most important parts of a man’s wardrobe, the style changed often. Some of these hats would not have been comfortable at all, but beauty is pain, no?

We have more fashion choices than ever these days, yet the styles just don’t have the same class and workmanship that old-fashioned hats once had. That’s why is so fun to look back at the huge range of styles once available. Each held a special place among the truly fashionable men of the era. Have a look at this fun video below. And, for more fashion history, have a peek at 100 years of ladies’ handbags right here.

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