Tour a 1968 Time Capsule House

Most of the houses we’ve lived in over the years have not been new. But, the details and features of some great old homes, even the more modern ones, are often lost when homeowners decide to remodel. So often the light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and even the floor plans are changed to suit more updated tastes. But, every now and again you come across houses that have been untouched by their owners- except to clean. This is the case with one Iowa house from 1968 that has been kept exactly how it was.

The single story ranch style house has an attached garage and a full basement and we get a guided tour from home inspector, Matt Baker. Upon approaching the door you can see that there is something very special about it: the glass. The trapezoid window in the front door is a charming touch that is amazing to still have.

But, things get better from there. Inside the house there are a ton of details that are original to when it was first built. These include the light fixtures, wood paneling, mod stone fireplace, and even the original square thermostat with diamond and stardust decoration. The house is empty aside from a few things here and there, but just the finishes alone are enough to send us traveling back in time!

Each room features a different color of not-quite-shag carpet ranging from blue to beige to pink. Even the light switches, ceiling fixtures, the original copper range hood, and scalloped wooden molding over the doorways have all been maintained.

However, the real gem of this house is the basement which features walls lined in glitter stucco, faux brick, and more wood paneling. The basement also features a small kitchen with the original harvest gold stove and refrigerator, as well as door bead dividers between rooms. Talk about a time warp!

It’s incredible that the homeowners -of which there was one from 1968 until now- never painted over anything and really kept the house nearly 100% original.

See the rest of this incredible time capsule house in the video below.

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