In 1936, AT&T Made A BIG Announcement. See What Changed Here!

Has there been a piece of technology that’s changed more during the past few decades than the telephone? Way back before we could carry them in our pockets, access the internet, and take high quality photos, we had the rotary phone. And before that? Phones didn’t even have buttons! That’s right, in order to make a call, you would actually talk to an operator, who would manually connect you.

From: Wiki Commons

Telephone operators in 1952. From: Wiki Commons

With the introduction of the rotary dial in the 1930s, people had to learn the new system. So, companies like the Bell Telephone Company put out PSAs alerting the public to the switchover. I still have fond memories of using a rotary dial phone, which has become quite the popular collectors item. Check out the following clip from AT&T Archives and get a blast from the past!

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