Transformation of a Rusted 1930s Toy Stove Is Truly Magical

Many of us have had some pretty special toys that just didn’t stand the test fo time- whether the storage conditions or just the passing of the years was to blame. However, it’s a real rarity to be able to see those same beloved playthings get fully restored. Well, now you can live vicariously through the Rescue & Restore YouTube channel, which posted a video of the painstaking restoration of a very cute 1930s Jadeite green and cream toy stove.

The rust on this toy stove is pretty intense, as is the extremely frayed electrical cord. The restorer begins by taking off the tiny handles. Then after using a Dremel to remove some of the rivets on the piece, the restorer then takes the stove apart and we can see inside.

Despite all the rust on this toy, the temperature dial looks brand new! Inside the stove, the spring coil heating element is visible as this was a functional stove once upon a time. It is reminiscent of a toaster. Of course, this, too, must be taken apart and repaired.

Because the stove tested positive for lead, the old paint must be removed before sandblasting can begin, which is achieved with paint stripper. Then the sandblasting takes off the rust that was all over this nearly-century-old toy.

Then comes a powder coat of primer and then the green and white colors for that perfect finish. After reassembling with new rivets, then comes the electrical work and then, the finally assembly. It’s amazing how a toy that was put together with rivets and tab-slot construction had parts durable enough to be taken apart and reassembled all these years after it was first produced.

Once the stove is fully restored the restorer does something really fun. He makes two miniature chocolate cakes (with metal spice jar lids for pans) using this tiny, and impeccably-restored, toy oven!

He also makes eggs on the stovetop- outstanding. It’s hard to believe that this was a considered a safe toy at the time, but it was a different era.

Have a look at the video below to witness all the before-and-after footage in this incredibly satisfying restoration video.

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