Daring Construction Workers Built New York’s Skyscrapers Long Before Modern Safety Equipment

When we think of how much effort it takes to build a skyscraper, it’s amazing to realize that these buildings first became popular for real estate moguls in the late 1800s and early 1900s. So many facets of modern architecture were not yet available, yet build them they did. The most incredible thing is that the construction workers worked with little in the way of safety equipment at all.

Long before safety harnesses and even before hard hats were required on job sites, crews of men were expected to give their all and risk their lives in order to build the new-fangled tall buildings that were taking over the world’s largest cities. Men walked on iron beams 20 stories high, seemingly undaunted by the extreme height.

It makes you think how brave these men must have been. The man below is even smiling. Kind of like the circus, you certainly couldn’t be afraid of heights or falling in a job like this one!

The building in question, 500 5th Avenue in New York City, is still standing today thanks to the way it was built all those years ago.

Have a look at daring footage of the construction of this building from 1930 in the video below.

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