Swing Dancers Turn Stressful Airport Into 1920’s Spectacular

With the right timing and circumstance, the ‘flash mob’ will never go out of style. We’ve seen them at birthday parties and marriage proposals. Heck, they even happen at train stations on the other side of the planet.

And another classic flash mob from the Denver Airport has us dancing once again!

It first seemed like a regular day at the main terminal, with hundreds of people looking to make it to their gates with suitcases in tow.

That was until some old swing-time music started playing and a few young ladies entered the center of the floor with moves straight out of Great Gatsby.

Then three ladies turned into three couples.

And three couples turned into six couples.

Of course, onlookers loved it.

Especially as the dancing got even more impressive.

And as soon as you thought the dancing was over, dozens more dancers entered the improvisational party.

It’s certainly one of the most epic and creative flash mobs in airport history.

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