How Many of These Hair Tools from the Past Century Do You Recognize?

Back in the old days most women used hairpins and combs to keep their hair in order. But, after the turn of the 20th century, women’s hairstyles became more varied and more involved overall. Women now had the option to curl or straighten their hair and prep the hair for all kinds of hairdos. For the first time women could wear their hair long or short and there were no end of hairdos in which to arrange the hair, all of which required tools.

While you might not have been subjected to all of these various tools, most of us have some pretty gnarly experiences with getting our hair just right – agonizing perms to curling iron burns that left marks to name just two. From metal rollers to turn-of-the-century flatirons, there are all kinds of hairstyling tools from the last 100 years that many people today won’t even recognize. How many of the tools in the video below did you use?

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