How Have They Changed? Flight Attendants’ Uniforms From the First Airlines to Now

A lot has changed about how we travel these days. More and more people are using airlines to get where they’re going and that means that how we fly has also changed over the years. There was a time when flights were so prohibitively expensive that most regular people never flew- only the rich and famous had that luxury. As such, the service on these flights was impeccable, with attendants dressed to the nines serving gourmet meals on real china! Most average people today who fly can’t even imagine such opulence on an airplane.

What the attendants wear has also changed a lot over the years. The job was formerly a profession exclusively for women and what the stewardesses wore went from modest and almost business-like in the 1940s to chic (and revealing) fashion statements in the 1960s. Have a look at how flight attendants’ uniforms have changed over the past 90 years!

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