10 Items We Miss Using Every Day

6) Wood Stoves

There’s nothing quite like a wood stove to keep you warm in the winter. It seems quaint these days, but it was a real treat as a kid to sit next the stove and drink some hot cocoa on a cold night. And that smell! There’s nothing quite like it to make you feel cozy.

Wood Stove  - Technology Items We Miss

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7) Home Movies on Film

Back when shooting home movies was a novelty, this was such fun. And, then getting to watch yourself on the projector screen was exciting. For anyone who still has these movies, they are real family treasures.

Mansfield vintage movie camera -  Technology Items We Miss

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8) Record Players

Putting the needle down, switching the record, hearing the little pops. There are so many things to miss about playing records. It was so much fun getting a new 45, too!

Portable record player- Technology Items We Miss

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9) Payphones

Remember when there was a payphone on every corner? Your parents might hand you some change before you left the house, just in case you needed to call home. And, kids today will never know the joy of finding change in the return slot!

payphones - Technology Items We Miss

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10) Pinball Machines

There’s nothing quite like those old pinball machines. And, they stood up to quite a lot of abuse!

Some of these things will never come back the way they were back then. But, we have fond memories of all these. They made our lives pretty darn good at the time and we never thought they’d be replaced!

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