How Many Of These Memorable Dishes From The ’60s Do You Remember?

If you lived through the ’60s, chances are your taste buds experienced quite the roller coaster of cuisines. While some dishes have spanned the decades and have been reimagined as modern recipes, others haven’t been quite so lucky and have fallen into relative obscurity — mercifully, in some cases. Take your palate on a trip down memory lane with this list of foods that defined the 1960s.



Although Fondue was introduced in earlier decades, its popularity surged in the 1960s. The novelty of skewering items like bread and meat, and dipping them in a pot of melted cheese made fondue a popular choice for dinner parties.

Pineapple and Cheese Sticks


With the growing popularity of the cocktail party, small appetizers with simple ingredients, like pineapple and cheese sticks, became all the rage — because if you didn’t need to hold a plate and cutlery, you had your hands free for a drink … or two.

TV Dinners

We loved them as kids, but as adults, it isn’t too hard to see how these pre-prepared meals fell out of popularity. TV dinners gave parents a break from cooking or provided a quick meal in a pinch, and amazingly the compartmentalized meals with mashed potatoes, fried chicken and frozen vegetables were a treat that kids couldn’t wait to get.

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