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Our 10 Favorite Collectibles of All Time- Some Things Never Go Out of Style

Whether they are big or small, expensive or cheap, the favorites that we love just seemed to almost always be in style. Perhaps it’s the universal appeal that they bring to the table or the fact that they’ve held up so well all these years. Whatever the case, our favorites seem to be on a lot of people’s wish lists, too!

6) Carved Cameos

Our 10 Favorite Collectibles and Antiques

Submitted by Pamela Roberts Nipper

These special pieces are small wonders! So much work goes into every piece. Heck, we even love the plastic ones. They’re just so pretty.

7) Jadeite & Fire King

Our 10 Favorite Collectibles and Antiques

Image taken at Seattle Antiques Market

Apricot, Jadeite, white, and even the coveted robin’s egg blue- there are just so many things to love about Fire King dishes and kitchen wares. Jadeite continues to fetch a pretty penny at most antique stores- unlike some other dishes from the same time period.

8) Singer Sewing Machines

Our 10 Favorite Collectibles and Antiques

Via/ Flickr

Is there anything as gorgeous as the gold decals and metal plates on an 1800s Singer sewing machine? These beauties can bring good money if they are in excellent condition.

9) Fiestaware

Our 10 Favorite Collectibles and Antiques

Submitted by Kathy Flexer Groff

These classic dishes are easy to love. From the distinctive shapes to the wild colors, these are for the young at heart! There isn’t anything else a rich and beautiful as these iconic dishes- must be why they’re still in production!

10) Antique Trunks

From the small mass-produced trunks of the 20th century to the giant ornate trunks of the Victorian era, there’s just something about vintage and antique trunks. They’re usually in demand at most antiques malls and for good reason. Just like most of our other favorites- they are just so dang useful as well as being easy on the eyes.

That’s it for this round-up of our favorite collectibles and antiques. The value on these classics may vary by year and by market, but they are the pieces we keep on coming back to time and again.

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