10 Totally 1950s Pineapple Recipes

A sought-after food around the world for centuries, pineapple earned a place in American cooking during the ’40s and ’50s as advances in farming, shipping, and canning made the exotic fruit more accessible to the average family. Suddenly crops of recipes utilizing the sweet and bright fruit could be found in magazines and recipe books. The result was that the’50s was a pineapple-mad decade!

1) Mint Pineapple Angel Food Cake

Mint with pineapple- what could possibly go wrong? The recipe suggestion calls for mint icing to frost an angel food cake and then the whole shebang is garnished with pineapple.

10 Totally 1950s Pineapple Recipes

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2) Economy Cones

Step 1- make a cone from lunch meat. Step 2- fill said cone with crushed pineapple. Step 3- bake until piping hot. This main dish is shown below on a bed of peas.

3) Pineapple Pie

There are few different ways to make this dessert, but this version is creamy and fluffy with a graham cracker crust.

10 Totally 1950s Pineapple Recipes

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