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7 Old Kitchen Items We Wish We’d Never Gotten Rid Of

Times change and most of us get the itch to update our kitchens like no where else in our homes. It’s a shame though that when we update, there are some good treasures that get donated or tossed. These 7 kitchen items are some of the more coveted from the first half of the 20th century, once the biggest era of growth in home goods production. It can be pretty harsh to realize that you once owned something not only so classic, but that was also worth good money!

7) Aluminum Cookie Cutters

We have so many memories of using these in the kitchen, especially around the holidays. These bad boys can sell for $10 or more per piece depending on the style, meaning a full set today is worth much more than the few bucks it originally cost.

Via/ Ebay

6) Corn & Wheat Cast Iron

These corn muffin pans have become a hot commodity, as have many other types of vintage and antique cast iron. A wheat pattern Griswold pan recently sold on Ebay for $175! It seems most cast iron has suddenly become collectible, but these muffin pans pack a big price for such a small size.

Via/ Ebay

5) Enamelware

Pretty much anything enamelware in good condition has worth today. The utensil holder below recently sold for $200 and rare mid-century Catherineholm bowls or vintage enamelware canisters can sell for upwards of $200-400!

Via/ Ebay

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